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Vacant County Jobs - 1
  • Office Clerk-Commissioner's Office
    For additional information please click on the blue link above. Applicants must email a resume to Donna at no later than Friday, Nov. 24th. No phone calls please. Thank you for your interest in working at Shelby County!
11/13/2017 85
  • Application for General Employment
    Please follow the directions listed on the posting and submit a resume and/or application to the person listed as the contact. Note: ALL positions at the Sheriff's dept. require a special application that may be picked up at Shelby Co Sheriff's Dept.
12/15/2016 302
    If you are interested in applying for a position at the Sheriff's Department and/or Jail, please complete the application (blue link above) and drop it off at the Sheriff's Department 24/7. (Please include any supporting documentation.) Thank You
12/15/2016 363
12/15/2016 186
12/15/2016 181
12/15/2016 171
12/15/2016 201
Family Medical Leave
12/15/2016 157
12/15/2016 166
Worker's Comp
  • First Injury Report
    To be submitted on all employee injuries that occur during working hours and/or on County work sites. Wage statement is only needed if you will miss 5 or more days of work.
12/15/2016 174
Employee Information
12/15/2016 288
12/15/2016 374